Why are there so few classic car shows?

Why are there so few classic car shows? In our country, a total of 110 classic car fairs are held nine times a year in various countries of the world,..

Why are there so few classic car shows?

Why are there so few classic car shows?

In our country, a total of 110 classic car fairs are held nine times a year in various countries of the world, especially in Europe. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to participate in fairs abroad, but if you say that this does not mean that there are no headlights, how would it be if more fairs were held in our country? In fact, the brands offer during their launch periods. The cars they exhibit turn the atmosphere into a fair or a festival atmosphere.


However, I don’t think anyone will go to a fair more than nine times a year. Considering that the average age of classic car enthusiasts is high and that there are participation fees for these headlights, it is necessary to consider that taking the vehicles there and back is a risk for people who want to preserve their vehicles in the best possible way. Because these people do not want anything to happen to the cars that they have managed to preserve for many years, they do not want their original parts to be damaged, so if there are too many fairs, the number of fair participants will decrease, that is, I am not talking about visitor participation, the higher the number of fairs, the more vehicle owners will skip the fairs.

Frankly, I am happy with this number because it is rare when it is like this, so people, especially young people, are in demand and this demand makes it turn into a festival, a carnival, a summer atmosphere even in the middle of winter, and the fair event becomes fun instead of being boring and tiring. This is both motivating and spiritually nourishing for the car owners who bring their cars to the fair and for the people who come to the event area to have fun and share something with their families.

I cannot help but mention that we are starving at the fair. I’m not kidding, not every fairground is qualified, in most fairgrounds you can’t find any nutritious food items, you can’t find food or hot soup, drinks can be offered, but the room is not as much as you want, there is no place where you can shop for money. This being the case, people actually want to leave the area after two or three hours. If the municipalities developed the fairgrounds in this regard and if the events were to be paid a little more if necessary and met this nutritional need, this would mean that we would have a much better quality time, because people actually get very hungry if they see these beautiful cars while walking and watching.

Frankly, while we were wandering around the fair today, there was a more important issue than food and we said to ourselves, “What if there wasn’t a toilet?” The reason why we made this sentence, which caused smiles among us, was that if there was not only one toilet at the fair, the toilet area was so crowded that we spent two and a half hours visiting the cars, seeing the cars, and waiting for the toilet for about half an hour. Frankly, I can say that the toilet is more important than food for now.

The most striking thing in the fairgrounds was the red cars among the rare cars. People were very interested in red cars. Believe me, there is no one in charge of the white, blue and black cars, but there were a lot of people in charge of the red cars and people were in a race to shoot videos. Rest assured, taking videos is an issue that classic car owners do not like, but they cannot prevent it. I would like to call out to everyone here. Classic car fairs deserve attention and These are the fairs you should definitely visit. I believe that you should go there as if you were going to a picnic or an event where you can have a pleasant time with your family, your children and your loved ones and see what has happened in our history.

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